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Roofing Katy are here for all your roofing needs in Woodlands, Texas and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced roofing contractors have years of experience managing projects of all sizes in your area. You can trust our certified residential roofers to address any problems you may be experiencing. Woodland Roofers apply their professional expertise to repair, replace and otherwise care for your new roof.

Our affordable roof repairs are the solution to all of your problems, from metal roof panels to asphalt roof shingles. You can be confident that your property is being treated to the best service in the business when you work with us.  

Our Services

The Woodlands Roofers are prepared with all the services you need to maintain the quality of the roof over your head. We are your one stop shop for all things roofing. There are no projects too large or small for our experts, from roof replacements and roof repairs, to assisting with storm and hurricane damaged roofs. Our services are good for homes and businesses alike and we work with a variety of roofing types from roofing metal to flat roofing TPO. Helping you return your property to its proper condition as soon as possible we even assist with annual maintenance and roof inspections that allow you to file speedier roof insurance claims.

Roof Replacement Katy

Our team is here with the services that you need to get the roof replacement project completed, when you’re ready to replace your roof. A professional roofing contractor will have the knowledge and tools to complete the work with the detail oriented care that we are known for and can provide roof maintenance tips. We work with a variety of roofing types including asphalt roof replacements. We are with you from start to finish to deliver a superior finished product, including a full clearing of the old roof and removal of the associated debris.

Roof Maintenance and Roof Repairs Katy

From start to finish, we are the experienced roofers you need for your roof repairs. From metal roofs with standing seams, to wind damaged roofs that need care and replacing, we provide roofing repairs for all of your projects. We not only correct the current roofing issue but we take proactive measures to prevent other issues from occurring in the future, including aesthetic and functional services, allowing the roof to at least 20 years.

Metal Roofing Katy

There’s no better roofers for providing the quality and care that you can count on then The Woodland Roofers. We offer metal roof flashing, to metal roofing repairs and installation – all completed with the signature quality and proper maintenance that we are known for. Our metal roof experts offer a wide range of professionally executed services. You can count on our workmanship to have longevity and appreciate it for years to come because we work with the best metal roof supply in the business.

Flat Roofing TPO Katy

Flat roofing TPO is becoming an increasingly popular option, for protecting flat roofs, with this material offering a number of benefits over other traditionally used materials. As well as being highly puncture resistant, its no wonder this has become a popular choice for many businesses, including reflective qualities that reduce external heating and improve air conditioning performance. With proper installation that is designed to last to avoid any fears of future repairs, our services we will make sure that your roof is appropriately cared for.

Storm Damaged Roofs Katy

Our team is here to help you get the repairs needed to restore your property, if you have storm damaged roofs.  A professional roofer of ours will have the knowledge and tools to address issues of all types, working with everything from wind to hail damage. We are here to get the job done with the fast and reliable service that we’re known for, whether the roof needs to be protected against moisture, or you need replaced shingles damaged by high winds and to get rid of dents caused by hail so that a roof leak will no cause any water damage and result in a replacement cost for the roof.

Roofing Insurance Inspections Katy

With our certified roofers we make the process of regular inspections as simple as possible for our clients, filing a roofing insurance claim can be a headache. We are here to help you get your claim underway, and your bring you closer to the repairs your roof needs, from assessing the damage for potential problems to providing the photos that your insurance company requires. We can also provide the repairs that restore your property to its best condition, once your claim is approved, and give any other home maintenance tips for any future problems.

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